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Google Forms – Picture Options as Answers

Google Forms get an upgrade with images. In Forms, teachers can now add images to questions or as multiple choice answers. This is perfect for subjects like math when students need to show their understanding of diagrams and graphs. Here’s how to do it!

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WordPress – Mobile Theme Recommendation

With so many users accessing the web from a mobile device these days (think phone, tablet, or similar smaller screened device) it’s important to cater to your users by selecting the appropriate theme on your website. Here’s a recommendation.


Reminders for Google Calendar on the web

Last year, Google launched Reminders in the Google Calendar app for iOS and Android. They’re now happy to announce that Reminders are coming to Google Calendar on the web.


Scan to Email from Any Copy Machine

Did you know you can scan to PDF to your email from any of the copy machines in the district? It’s a new feature that we enabled and deployed recently – here’s how to use it. It may look like a lot of steps, but once you do it a few times, you won’t need to reference this guide.

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Digital Worksheet Creator is a free tool that allows teachers to make interactive online worksheets for their students. This service has a simple to use interface and many outstanding features. Teachers can create their own worksheets from scratch, or customize a worksheet submitted by another user.


PD Course: KDA 2.0 Spring 2016

Did you take KDA 1.0 in the last year, and want to continue your learning journey? Join KDA 2.0 this spring – a collaborative independent study effort to help you take one or two pieces from KDA 1.0 and sharpen those skills even further, all while actively practicing your craft in the classroom.