Plugging In – When is enough, enough?

Peg plugged in her ‘lectric toothbrush,
Mitch plugged in his steel guitar,
Rick plugged in his CD player,
Liz plugged in her VCR.
Mom plugged in her ‘lectric blanket,
Pop plugged in the TV fights,
I plugged in my blower-dryer—
Hey! Who turned out all the lights?

~Shel Silverstein

Do you ever feel it’s too much with all the electric appliances, gadgets, laptops, and phones? Do you ever take a break?

We had our annual summer vacation in the middle ages last week, and it was wonderful being able to disconnect as much as we did. Of course, we still had access to our phones, and being iPhones, access to weather, twitter, etc, but the level of interaction with the device changed, for me at least.

Instead of having the phone in my pocket all the time, it lived in my bag, and I didn’t refer to it all the time, constantly checking for new mail like I tend to do when I’m working. It was great!

In addition, since giving back my iPad to the last employer, I haven’t felt the need for one, and even though we have an iPad at home that the kids use a lot, I haven’t used one since early June this year, and quite frankly, probably won’t be using one going forward.

Maybe that has more to do with my workflow than anything else, but I just can’t see myself using one more device that does the same as my phone… And when I need do more complex work tasks, other than checking and responding to quick emails, I’ll use my MacBook. Other than that, I’m un-plugging myself from the iPad!