Importing Class Names to GradeCam from IC

Here are some typed directions on how to get your class list from Infinite Campus to GradeCam (thanks to the Anissa Smith at KHS):

  1. Log into IC and create a homework for EACH class so you can import the names
  2. Log into IC and on left side select INSTRUCTIONS then go down and select REPORTS
  3. Then select GRADEBOOK EXPORT then under file format-drop down menu (blank spot) select Comma Separated, then GENERATE REPORT
  4. Once here delete the homework assignment and then select entire row A
  5. Then select Data on top tool bar then select TEXT TO COLUMNS then select NEXT.
  6. Now get rid of the X on TAB and check off comma, space and other—but put a # sign in other
  7. Then hit NEXT then select Finish.
    1. (sometimes with a student who is a JR or a II or III you have to delete those and copy and paste the rest of their names into the columns for order purposes)
  8. Now SAVE AS under whatever you want—I use My Documents and also Title it.
  9. Make sure it is a CSV file.

Next select YES then minimize and go to GRADECAM

  1. Log into grade cam and create your classes and then select IMPORT STUDENTS
  2. Choose your FILE—the one you just saved as CSV file and then select IMPORT at the bottom of the page.
  3. Now the Delimiter select Comma, Separated Values and under Header Row choose No Header
  4. Then select NEXT
  5. Change the students information FIRST NAME then select Last Name and then match Student ID with Grade Cam Student ID.
  6. FINALLY select NEXT and if it looks good you are finished.