Configure GradeCam to match the settings for your gradebook program

Configure GradeCam Insight to match the settings for your gradebook program and transfer the scores from GradeCam Insight to your gradebook.


1. Log into your GradeCam account and choose Settings from the account drop-down menu.



2. Choose GradeBook from the Settings menu.


3. Set the name ordering to match your electronic gradebook.

Note: This will change the order that your students appear in GradeCam Insight, but it is necessary since it’s how you match the scores from GradeCam Insight to your electronic gradebook.


4. (Optional) Choose whether or not you want to change the designated HotKey from the default setting of F8 by choosing another option from the HotKey drop-down menu.

Note: You might need to experiment to see which HotKeys are not in use.

Mac Users: On some Mac keyboards you need to press the “fn” key while pressing the HotKey.


5. (Optional) If your gradebook requires you to press “Tab” instead of “Enter” when switching students while inputting new scores, then you would need to change the “Return Key” setting.


6. Click on the “Done” button.



7. Create and scan an assignment so all grades are displayed on the Scan screen.

Note: The Scan screen must be open in order to transfer scores.

8. Open your electronic gradebook and create a new assignment as if you are going to manually input new scores.

9. Click in the top cell of the newly created assignment as if you are going to type in a score.

10. Press your GradeCam HotKey (default is F8). As soon as you press your GradeCam HotKey the scores will be entered into your gradebook.