How to reset your password on Renaissance Learning

What is Forgot Your Password?

Forgot Your Password will be available in Renaissance Place on August 6, 2013 to district and school administrators, district and school staff, and teachers. After you have filled in information about yourself in Renaissance Place, you will be able to reset your own password if you have forgotten it by clicking Forgot Your Password? on the login page. After entering your user name and answering a security question you have pre-selected, you may reset your password.
To set up Forgot Your Password, you will be required to fill out some information on the My Settings page, available under Personnel, Students, and Parents. There are three sections of information on this page:
  1. Change Password (you may edit your own password)
  2. Email Address (this is required to use Forgot Your Password? and will be used to send you notifications regarding any changes to your settings)
  3. Security Questions (these questions will be used to verify your identity and must be answered to use Forgot Your Password?)
To help fill out the My Settings page so that you can use Forgot Your Password?, you will be directed to the My Settings page and asked to change your password the first time you log in to Renaissance Place. Also, any time your password expires, which is every 365 days, you will be taken to the My Settings page to change your password.

Why would I use Forgot Your Password?

Use it to reset your password without having to contact an administrator for assistance. You may use this feature even if you have exceeded the number of login attempts allowed.

Where would I find the Forgot Your Password link and My Settings page?
The Forgot Your Password? link is available on the teacher/administrator login page.
  1. On the Home page under Renaissance Place, click Personnel, Students, and Parents.
  2. Under User Profile, click My Settings.