Apps Admin: Prevent access to Google Apps from a lost device

If a user loses a computer or mobile device that has an open connection to that user’s Google Apps account, or maintains cookies that permit a connection without first entering a user name and password, that Google Apps account is potentially exposed to anyone who has possession of the computer or device.

To prevent unauthorized access to an account, you can reset the sign-in cookies for that user, which has the effect of logging out that user from all current HTTP sessions, and requiring new authentication the next time that user tries to initiate an HTTP session to log in to Google Apps.

To reset the sign-in cookies for a user:

  1. In the Google Admin console, click the Organization & users tab, then click the user’s name.
  2. In the Password section, click Reset sign-in cookies.

It can take up to 60 minutes to log out the user from current Gmail HTTP sessions. The logout time for other applications may vary.

If you’re using a mobile device running Google Sync with ActiveSync, you can also remotely wipe that device. Learn more