How To Run a Test Session in AIR (for TAs)

Login to the TA Interface

Starting the Session

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.02.12 AM

  • Select the test(s) that need to be included in the session, then click the [Start Session] button.
  • A session ID will be generated.
  • Provide the Session ID to your students so that they can log in.

Approving Students

  • Click the [Approvals (#)] button. The Approvals and Student Test Settings window will appear.
  • Click [See/Edit Details] for a student to view his or her test settings and make any necessary changes (e.g., color choice).
  • Click the [Approve] button for each student to allow entry into the session.
  • Click [Approve All Students] if all their settings are accurate and they can all enter the session.
  • To deny a student, click [Deny] and enter a brief reason (e.g., student selected the wrong test).

Student Lookup

You can use this feature to look up student information if a student is having difficulty logging in.

  • Click the [Student Lookup] button in the top row.
  • Use the [Quick Search] tab to find a student using his or her SSID number. Partial SSIDs are not allowed.
  • Use the [Advanced Search] tab to find a student by district, school and first or last name. Partial names are allowed. (e.g., entering “Fi” into the last name field will start a search for all students in the school whose last name begins with Fi).

Monitoring Student Progress

Students that appear in the table below have entered this session. The page automatically refreshes every minute. When the page refreshes, the students’ statuses in the table below will update. The current status plus (#/#) will indicate how many test items the student has answered out of the total number of items in the test.

Stopping the Test Session

  • When all students have completed testing or it is time for the session to end, click [Stop Session].
  • This will end the session, pause all your students’ tests and then log them out of the Test Delivery System.