How To Create a Recovery Image of the ChromeOS

If you have Chromebooks/Chromeboxes, you may want to make sure you have a current Recovery Image of the ChromeOS on hand for each make/model number you have. The easiest way to create it is on a current (all updates applied) chrome device. You need an image for each model device, they are not cross-compatible.  i.e. Samsung XE500 and Samsung XE300 need their own images.

How To Do It

  1. Boot the chrome device and make sure the device is “up to date”. Use “chrome://help” to verify that it’s up to date. Make sure battery is fully charged or power is plugged in – you don’t want to lose power during this procedure.
  2. In the URL bar type “chrome://imageburner” 
  3. When prompted, insert an unused USB drive of at least 4GB capacity. (it will be wiped during this procedure) (just an ordinary plain flash drive, nothing fancy, no encryption, no auto-running virtual machines/OS, nothing – otherwise it will fail)
  4. Follow the on screen directions – Be patient, this is a multi-step process and can take 20-30 minutes to create the image. However, there is nothing for you to do but watch.
The recovery image can be used if the OS becomes corrupted on a chrome device. (use it if the “Wipe Device” operation fails)
Remember to update the image every few months or so. (just run this procedure again)
via Dave Schade