JetPack User? Whitelist your Kenston IP

Do you use JetPack on your WordPress site? If so, it might be well served to whitelist the IP address we use at Kenston, so you don’t get locked out of WordPress. It’s easy, and here’s how:

Whitelisting Your IP Address in JetPack

Whitelisting may be necessary if you’ve made too many failed log in attempts to your site.

  1. If you have access to your site and you’ve not been blocked, you can enter your IP address by going to Jetpack  Settings  Protect  Configure.
  2. Enter the IP address we use at Kenston:
  3. Click ‘Save’.
  4. All set!

If you have been locked out, try this from home first. If you still can’t get in and whitelist your IP address, see one of the tech staff to get some help.