Scan to Email from Any Copy Machine

Did you know you can SCAN to PDF to your Kenston email from any of the copy machines in the district? It’s a new feature that we enabled and deployed recently – here’s how to use it. It may look like a lot of steps, but once you do it a few times, you won’t need to reference this guide anymore.

Step 1 – Select the Scan Button

Depending on the copy machine you’re working off of, the SCAN BUTTON may look different. See below for some examples of where it might be located.

Step 2 – Select Email Recipient

Select E-MAIL as your destination, then select the TO button on the next screen.

1 - Scan Menu Select Email

2 - Select Email Recipient

There are a few ways of searching / locating yourself. You can scroll through the list, but all staff is listed there, so it may take a while. The better way is to search by KNOWN ID. You’ll have the same KNOWN ID in the entire district, so it doesn’t matter what machine you’re scanning from. For example, if Dan knows he’s number 136, he can use that locate himself that much faster.

3 - Select Email Address from Search

Known ID Search

5 - Select from Known ID List

Step 3 – Verify Your Email, and Scan Settings

Once your destination is set, all you have to do is verify your scan settings. The default settings typically work well, but if you’re scanning in color, or need legal resolution (at least 300dpi) you’ll need to make a few tweaks. NOTE: You can send to more than one person – use the CC or BCC fields. If you want, you can even edit the subject lines, etc.

6 - Verify Email

7 - Access Scan Settings

Step 4 – Scan Your Stuff

Once you’re all set destination wise, scan your materials. If you’re scanning a few papers, or handouts, the hopper is your best bet. If you’re scanning from a magazine or book, use the glass like you would when making copies. You will have to add each page, and then select finish when you’re done. The email, with PDF attachment, is on its way! Verify it’s sending on the last screen. Check your email, and download the attachment.

Scan Workflow

Email Sent