Getting Started with BookFlix / K-3 Resources

Listen and read. Storybooks, e-books, videos, games, and more. PreK-3.

All Ohio K-3 students and their parents, as well as K-3 educators, can use the state-funded INFOhio Resources free-of-charge. Home access requires a username and password available from your school’s library media center or technology coordinator.

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Getting Started with BookFlix

  • Creates a love of reading with favorite fiction and high-quality nonfiction titles.
  • Engages children with the “Watch the Story” feature, highlighting each word on the screen as it is narrated in the video. This helps reinforce reading skills, including fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • Allows children to read the nonfiction e-books independently or to follow along with highlighted words as the narrator reads to them.
  • Introduces children to real-world facts and helps them build content-area knowledge.
  • Features additional activities and resources that are informative and fun.
  • Allows children and their families to log on anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection.

To learn more, and get started using BookFlix, visit