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Top 50 Tips for Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a powerful tool to keep track of all your tasks, activities, meetings, and projects. It’s an excellent tool for getting people together at the same time, and is a fully featured time management tool. Here are 50 tips you can add to your toolbox today!


Reminders for Google Calendar on the web

Last year, Google launched Reminders in the Google Calendar app for iOS and Android. They’re now happy to announce that Reminders are coming to Google Calendar on the web.

Google Classroom + Calendar = TRUE

Google Classroom finally got the update were all waiting for – full Google Calendar integration! (maybe that’s what caused all the issues last week?) Here’s a quick video from Tech Integration Rockstar Giovanna Orlando.

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How to Migrate data away from Google Apps

When it comes time to leave Kenston, and you want to take you Google Apps account data with you, there are several options. First, make sure you create your own personal email account, so you can migrate your data to someplace, if you want to keep using it. You can also just download and store the data for later access.