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Keeping Your Chromebook Up To Date

Your Chromebook automatically checks for updates, but you can also check for and install updates manually, and sometimes you have to force and update to happen. Here’s how to easily make sure you’re on the latest version of Chrome OS.

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3 text to speech tools and 5 ways your students can use them

Many times people are accused of talking to their computers. Well with text to speech tools, your computer can talk back. Google Chrome has several extensions that will read web pages and Google Documents aloud, often with a variety of voices and adjustments for speed and volume. Read more to learn 5 ways to implement these tools with your students!


How to delete your cache, history, and other browser data

You have control over your browsing data. This data includes things like your browsing and download history and saved form data. Use the “Clear browsing data” dialog to delete all your data or just a portion of your data, collected during a specific period of time.

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Tips and tricks for mastering the Chrome Omnibox

If you’re using Google products, like Google Drive, Google’s Gmail, or just use Google for search, you’re probably already using the Chrome browser. And if you’re not, here’s your chance. An invitation. A new experience awaiting you – all you have to do is download it, and set yourself free!


Top 10 Google Apps for Your iPhone

If you’re like most people, you probably have a phone, and chances are you have either an Android or an iPhone. I have the latter, and thought I’d share the top 10 Google apps I use almost daily. Here they are, in no particular order – all are free to download, and some can connect to multiple Google accounts at the same time.