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Windows 7

Windows Basics

Whether you’re new to Windows or just want to brush up on the basics, this tutorial will cover the most important things you’ll need to know. We’ll show you how to create folders, work with files, adjust settings, and much more.

Windows 7

Getting Started with Windows 7

We would like to give you an overview of the desktop features of Windows 7. Microsoft has added or improved upon several features, including introducing new themes, appealing graphic effects, and taskbar functions. In this lesson, we will review the Aero features, discover the new taskbar, and learn how to personalize your desktop.

dyslexia book

Dyslexia Friendly Font Packs

Here are font packs that are dyslexic friendly in that they help ‘ground’ each letter, and keep it from spinning, or swapping places with another letter. Sounds strange? The right font can be crucial for a person with dyslexia, and will help them achieve their best.