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Teaching with Technology Video Series

Teaching with Technology / Grade 9-11, Spanish

To Erin Hunkemoeller’s students, the iPad is a classroom staple. Every student is provided a device. Students use them daily to organize notes, engage in interactive learning, practice speaking and writing Spanish and do research with their teams.

Teaching with Technology / Grade 9, Science

Kaylee Jones operates a flipped classroom. She records her lessons, posts them online and requires students to watch lessons over the weekend. Flipping the classroom gives her time during the week to work with students individually and to have small groups of them work on team assignments.

Teaching with Technology / Grade 9, Algebra I

Alex Blohm manages a “flipped classroom.” He and his co-teachers put all of their lectures and notes online. Because many students do not have internet access at home, they watch lessons in class, with laptops and headsets provided by the school. Individualized help is given to every student having difficulty understanding or working through the algebra problems.

Teaching with Technology / Grade 5, Language Arts

Ashley Rable’s class runs smoothly on the station rotation model of blended learning. She leads 15- to 20-minute lessons in the classroom focusing on reading skills before students rotate through stations.

Teaching with Technology / Grade 4, Mathematics

Michael Stuckey puts a high priority on formative assessment in his grade 4 math class. A favorite resource for him is Plickers, a simple tool for collecting real-time assessment data—with cards. It’s been especially helpful for adapting lessons for the wide range of learners he teaches.

Teaching with Technology / Grade 3, English Language Arts

Lauren Brooks uses a station rotation model of blended learning in her inclusion classroom. The “stations” include working online on reading programs that correspond to a student’s reading level, one-on-one or group sessions with the teacher, and independent work or hands-on activities.